Manual APN Settings for T-mobile G1 for Cellone, India

Manual APN Settings for T-mobile G1 for Cellone, India

I am using theT-Mobile  HTC G1 for past 2 months in india. This phone performance is great. I can able to get updates from Google reqularly.

You have to set the APN settings manually to access internet. This may require to unlock the phone.

Here are the settings


APN: <<you can get it from your service provider>>

Proxy: Leave Blank

Prot: Leave Blank

UserName: 91XXXXXXXXXX <<your 10 digit phone number>>

Password: 91XXXXXXXXXX <<your 10 digit phone number>>

Server: Leave Blank

MMSC: Leave Blank

MMS proxy: Leave Blank

MMS port: Leave Blank

MCC: 404

MNC: 64 <<You can your service number from the bleow links or you can ask your service provider>>

APN Type: Leave Blank

MCC and MNC details: –



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37 Responses to “Manual APN Settings for T-mobile G1 for Cellone, India”

  1. puneet puri Says:

    Do you know what settings are for Vodafone ( karnataka ) for an unlocked G1 to work


    • joshitha Says:

      Just get the manual internet settings from vodafone customer care. Just take the APN, user name, password and server port details from that. Take the MCC & MNC numbers from the links I gave already. Mostly the number should be 404 & 11.
      Best of luck

  2. Arun Says:

    I tried to use the APN settings for cellone, but no way it works :(. still it is complaining about data connection. I tried with the settings bsnl provided. Do you have any idea ? Did it simply work with GPRS settings ?


    • joshitha Says:

      Can give me the what settings you tried with your G1 phone?
      Which cellone zone/area you come under?

  3. harish Says:

    I have a t-mobile g1…. I am not able to send or receive MMSes.. I hv visited the vodafone store in mumbai but they haven’t a clue abt this handset…. if u cld help me to solve this problem…would be grateful…. Thanx

    • joshitha Says:

      Hi Harish,

      Give me some more time. I will try to get the detail from one of friend he is using vodafone.

  4. Harish Says:

    Thanx for acknowledging… Hope u find a solution for my mms problem soon… Also I can use my google talk account , but the other three that is AIM, MSN(windows live) and yahoo wont open…. shows an error saying the telephone number cant be read by the sim card.. or such… pls do help me with these two problems wld be obliged… Thanx once again…

  5. Adhvith Says:

    Hi Joshitha,
    can you tell me the apn settings for bsnl cellone for Pune? thanks for the info you have provided but i was wondering if it needs to be something different for the west zone?
    Also are these settings for gprs or the 3g service that bsnl now provides? I have applied for a cellone connection with 3g and shall be recieving my ADP1 soon!


    • joshitha Says:

      I have placed the GPRS settings only. You can get the anula setting from your area BSNl customer care or through BSNL web site. The BSNL internet settings will suitable for G1 mobile.
      I don’t have a much Idea on 3G setting. The BSNL employees itself don’t know about the manual 3G settings in my place. Thats why waiting to get the manual 3G settings then only I will apply.

      You have to give the MCC & MNC numbers while setting up manual. You can get the MCC & MNC details from google search.

  6. Sunil KG Says:


    I brought a g1 unlocked phone from UK thru one of my frine. But it had some issues with the gmail accounts so i reset the phone using factory settings. Now when i start my phone it asks me to login to gmail or create one. When i try to login to gmail it says no network connectivity.. Could you please help me out in this as i am not able to use my phone since…
    I am using a vodofone network.

    Do I need a 3g network capability service to login to gmail or can i just use the APN setting.

    Please help me out…

    Sunil KG.

    • joshitha Says:

      No need of 3G setting and all. You have to get the Internet settings from Vodafone cutomer care. Update APN settings based on that.
      I think this will help you.

  7. SJR Says:

    Hi Joshitha,

    I can’t start the Unlocked Google G1 mobile.

    I am from Kerala. Do you know the APN setting details of Vodafone Kerala circle?

    Thank You

    • SJR Says:

      Addressed this problem.

      I took Vodafone GPRS 199 plan connection. This addressed my issue.

      After I took the connection I set following:

      Name: VLive

      APN: www







      MMS proxy:

      MMS port:

      MCC: 404 – Will set automatically

      MNC: 46 – Will set automatically

      APN Type:

  8. Harish Says:

    Hey Josh,
    Looks like u have forgotten al about me….

  9. sam Says:

    hey can someone plz tell me settings for vodafone punjab on g1. your response would be hihly appreciated, thanks a ton guys

    • joshitha Says:

      You have to check the local Vodafone customer service center. It differs from one Area to another

  10. vaibhav Says:

    hey i got unlocked g phone by the setting given above i was unable to use it
    thanks it helped a lot

  11. vaibhav Says:

    sorry was able to use it

  12. ahoud Says:

    hey i just got my g1 and theyre asking me about the APN … and im from Kuwait and so .. i have no idea what is the APN and the proxy and all …. :S :S :S :S please help me 😦 i bought it today though 😥

  13. wickerman Says:

    hi..can someone provide me with gprs settings for tata docomo in hyderabad .. i m using a htc g1

  14. rajesh Says:

    i love you.

  15. Nikhil Says:

    I have bought this g1 and living in jaipur,rajasthan ..i have tried all apn settings with correct mcc & mnc numbers but still i a not able to unlock..
    i can see cellone network but not able to make calls and recieve also..but network is shown on phone…please help me out.

  16. Rajesh Says:

    hi viabhav… good to hear that from you.
    U could help me a bit here.
    wat settings from above helped u? vodafone or cellone??
    will be waiting for ur reply dude..

  17. roger Says:

    hey josh
    i got this g1 phone unlocked frm tmobile i cant start E on it i got the apn setting frm E i use airtel network in mumbai the airtel subciber says it need manual settings plz help how to get it done

  18. vikram Says:

    i have an unlocked t mobile g1 (US). i tried the instructions but in vain. earlier my phone showed the network reception but now even that doesn’t appear. Btw i use vodafone (Delhi/NCR).

    i tried these:

    Name: VLive / vmc
    APN: www / www
    Proxy: / blank
    Port: 9401 / blank
    UserName: blank
    Password: blank
    Server: blank
    MMSC: blank
    MMS proxy: blank
    MMS port: blank
    MCC: 404 – Will set automatically
    MNC: 11 – Will set automatically
    APN Type:

    p.s. i tried changing the APN settings on the existing settings when i switched on the phone. pls help. (i m on roaming at Assam right now)

  19. vikram Says:

    sorry… i have a locked g1… help pls..

  20. bhavik Says:


  21. Amit Says:

    I use a Blackberry 7130c [BSNL] and a Blackberry Pearl (8100) [DOCOMO].

    I’ve been trying to find a way to connect my handsets to the internet but in vain. Is there a way to connect them both?

    For 7130c I used the settings – (I’m based around Pune)
    Username: 91 my-10-digit-no
    Pass: same as above

    Do I need some other settings? Can I connect my laptop through it?


  22. Mehboob Says:

    i reset the phone using factory settings. Now when i start my phone it asks me to login to gmail or create one. When i try to login to gmail it says no network connectivity.. Could you please help me out in this as i am not able to use my phone since…
    I am using a idea network in Maharashtra.

  23. Dinesh Says:

    Hey i am using a google nexus one in mumbai and using a vodafone prepaid connection can any1 tell me the settings for me to activate EDGE/GPRS on my phone some1 please give me the APN settings for Mumbai Vodafone please !!!

  24. vikky Says:

    hi iam using lg kku990 i cant browse net and 3g video calls please sent manual settings …

  25. Amulya Says:

    Hey people, I have a T Mobile G1 on MTNL Trump Prepaid Connection.been banging my head since a month figuring out how to connect it to GPRS/3G . . . . Could any1 of u please tell me the exact settings for MTNL Mumbai for the T mobile g1 . Will Really Appreciate man ! Be my Lifesaver 😐

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