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Access MicroSD Card – Google Android G1 Mobile

December 20, 2008

mOBILEAccessing MicroSD card in Google Android G1 HTC mobile.
Normally you can’t access memory card in G1. It will say “Please insert a Disk into Drive”. To avoid follow the steps below.

G1 Insert a disk Error

G1 Insert a disk Error


  1. Plug in the USB cable to your phone with computer.
  2. It will show the notification on top of the display area.
  3. Slide that notification to scroll it down.
  4. Click on the “USB connected” notification.
  5. Click “Mount” button on that popup window.
  6. Go to your computer and now select new “Removable Disk (G:)” partition to access your MicroSD card.
  7. Now you can create a folder as you wish and upload data in it.

                     To easy access files in your phone Install OI File Manager from Android Market. You can also install APKInstaller to install applications easily.